Synthesis Working Groups

The Permafrost Carbon Synthesis Working Group members at their in-person meeting at NCEAS March 2018

Attending members of the Permafrost Carbon Synthesis Working Group, March 2018. Photo Credit: Ginger Gillquist

Past Synthesis Working Groups

Permafrost Carbon Synthesis Working Group


The Arctic Data Center supported annual Synthesis Working Group activities focused on addressing Arctic-related issues through the analysis and synthesis of Arctic data that are primarily, but not exclusively, housed within the Arctic Data Center repository. The Synthesis Working Groups helped evaluate and inform future directions for the Arctic Data Center’s services, while also promoting the analysis and synthesis of Arctic data through innovative, collaborative, multi-disciplinary investigations.

Synthesis Working Groups consisted of 10-15 individuals and received support to meet two times over a 1-1.5 year period at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) in Santa Barbara, CA, where resident staff provided significant logistical and technological meeting support.

Proposals for Synthesis Working Groups were reviewed by the Arctic Data Center’s Science Advisory Board for intellectual merit and broader impacts of the novel question-driven idea, but consideration was also made as to the availability and sources of data needed by the project. Inclusion of a diverse, committed team of participants, as well as how the project served to evaluate and inform future directions of the Arctic Data Center’s services were also considered in proposal evaluation. Proposals were submitted by individuals who held a position in a USA-based academic institution, free-standing research institution, scientific society, governmental or policy agency, non-governmental organization, or a consortium of such institutions.