Arctic Data Center Courses

Each year, our training and outreach staff help provide hands-on training at Arctic research conferences and in dedicated training sessions targeting early-career and under-represented populations. Training and outreach focus on effective means for long-term data management, following a curriculum developed and refined by the open science community. Currently, three different courses are offered for Spring 2022 and theses are free to attend. Those opportunities and activities are listed below.

Scalable and Computationally Reproducible Approaches to Arctic Research

When: September 19th – September 23rd, 2022
Where: Santa Barbara, California

Course description:
This 5-day in-person workshop will provide researchers with an introduction to advanced topics in computationally reproducible research in python and R, including software and techniques for working with very large datasets. This includes working in cloud computing environments, docker containers, and parallel processing using tools like parsl and dask. The workshop will also cover concrete methods for documenting and uploading data to the Arctic Data Center, advanced approaches to tracking data provenance, responsible research and data management practices including data sovereignty and the CARE principles, and ethical concerns with data-intensive modeling and analysis.

Topics include:

  • Scalable computing
  • Cloud computing concepts
  • Docker environments
  • Remote computing
  • Parallel processing and concurrency
  • Large data transfer, data staging
  • Data extraction
  • I/O efficiency

  • Who should apply:
    Arctic researchers with a solid foundation in programming (R, python, or similar), who have a need to take their skills to the next level to maximize efficiency working with big datasets or running computing-intensive processes.
    Deadline: July 1st, 2022
    Contact with questions