The Arctic Data Center Team

Our team brings together scientists, engineers, web designers, and agency professionals to design, build, and operate the National Science Foundation Arctic Data Center and to support the Arctic research community.

  • matt_jones

    Matthew B. Jones

    Principal Investigator, NCEAS


  • amber_budden

    Amber Budden

    co-Investigator, DataONE


  • Jeff Dozier

    co-Investigator, UC Santa Barbara


  • Pat_hogan

    Pat Hogan

    co-Investigator, NOAA
  • Alexey_Mishonov

    Alexey Mishonov

    co-Investigator, NOAA


  • mark_schildhauer

    Mark Schildhauer

    co-Investigator, NCEAS


  • chris_jones

    Chris Jones

    Science Software Engineer, NCEAS


  • bryce_mecum

    Bryce Mecum

    Science Software Engineer, NCEAS


  • lauren_walker

    Lauren Walker

    Science Software Engineer, NCEAS


  • Jeanette Clark

    Projects Data Coordinator, NCEAS


  • Jasmine Lai

    Projects Data Coordinator, NCEAS


  • Erin McLean

    Community Engagement & Outreach, NCEAS


  • Samantha Csik

    Data Fellow, NCEAS


  • Kristen Peach

    Data Fellow, NCEAS


Science Advisory Board

The NSF Arctic Data Center is guided by a science advisory board that collectively provides vast expertise, including researchers focused on terrestrial, aquatic, oceanographic, atmospheric, and social science in the Arctic.

The Science Advisory Board provides advice and leadership regarding the goals and strategic priorities of the Center and evaluates progress and quality of Center deliverables and services. Through engagement and familiarity with the Arctic, as well as NSF’s Office of Polar Programs in general, Science Advisory Board members also serve as emissaries for the Center to the broader community when attending meetings and conferences or participating in various committees and panels. With the exception of the Chair, board members serve on a rotating three-year basis, with additional board members drawn from the broader Arctic community of researchers, including atmospheric, social, terrestrial, oceanographic, earth, and environmental sciences. Board members may serve no more than two consecutive terms.

  • Jeff Dozier

    (UCSB, Chair) Earth System Science


  • Mark Parsons

    (UAH) Data science (through 2021)


  • Peter Pulsifer

    (NSIDC) Traditional knowledge, scientific visualization (through 2021)


  • Karl Rittger

    (NSIDC) Snow cover (through 2021)


  • Annie Burgess

    (ESIP) Earth Science and Informatics
    (through 2022)


  • Courtney Carothers

    (UAF) Environmental Anthropology & Fisheries
    (through 2022)


  • Anna Liljedahl

    (UAF) Permafrost Hydrology
    (through 2022)


Past Advisory Board Members

  • Paul Berkman (Tufts University) Earth Science, Policy, and Education (through 2020)
  • Regine Hock (University of Alaska Fairbanks) Glaciology (through 2019)
  • Susan Hubbard (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) Hydrology and Biogeochemistry (through 2019)
  • Josh Schimel (University of California Santa Barbara) Soil Science (through 2020)
  • Colleen Strawhacker (National Snow and Ice Data Center) Social Sciences (through 2019)
  • Melissa Zweng (NOAA) Physical Oceanography (through 2020)

Past Team Members

  • Krisa Arzayus (NCEI) | Co-Investigator
  • Sheekela Baker-Yeboah (NCEI) | Co-Investigator
  • Chris Beltz (NCEAS) | Data Fellow
  • Rachel Carlson (NCEAS) | Data Fellow
  • Ken Casey (NCEI) | Senior Advisor
  • Steven Chong (NCEAS) | Projects Data Technician
  • Annie Colgan (NCEAS) | Data Fellow
  • Jessica Couture (NCEAS) | Projects Data Coordinator
  • Sarah Erickson (NCEAS) | Data Fellow
  • Stephanie Freund (NCEAS) | Data Fellow
  • Jesse Goldstein (NCEAS) | Projects Data Coordinator
  • Tess Hooper (NCEAS) | Data Fellow
  • Marie Johnson (NCEAS) | Data Fellow
  • Wai-Yin Kwan (NCEAS) | Data Fellow
  • Ben Leinfelder (NCEAS) | Science Software Engineer
  • Xiaoyang Li (NCEI) | Collaborator
  • Mitchell Maier (NCEAS) | Data Fellow
  • Kathryn Meyer (NCEAS) | Community Education and Outreach Coordinator
  • Dominic Mullen (NCEAS) | Projects Data Coordinator
  • Emily O’Dean (NCEAS) | Data Fellow
  • Vanessa Raymond (NCEAS) | Community Education and Outreach Coordinator
  • Maya Samet (NCEAS) | Data Fellow
  • C├ęzanna Semnacher (NCEAS) | Community Education and Outreach Coordinator
  • Irene Steves (NCEAS) | Data Fellow
  • Derek Strong (NCEAS) | Data Fellow
  • Robyn Thiessen-Bock (NCEAS) | Data Fellow

Employment Opportunities

Currently, there are no employment opportunities with the Arctic Data Center. We will update this page as positions become open.