The Arctic Data Center Team

Our team brings together scientists, engineers, web-designers, and agency professionals to design, build, and operate the NSF Arctic Data Center, and to support the arctic science community.

  • amber_budden

    Amber Budden

    co-Investigator, DataONE

  • bryce_mecum

    Bryce Mecum

    Science Software Engineer, NCEAS

  • chris_jones

    Chris Jones

    Science Software Engineer, NCEAS

  • Jeff Dozier

    co-Investigator, UC Santa Barbara

  • Ken Casey

    Senior Advisor, NCEI

  • Jeanette Clark

    Projects Data coordinator, NCEAS

  • Jesse Goldstein

  • lauren_walker

    Lauren Walker

    Science Software Engineer, NCEAS

  • mark_schildhauer

    Mark Schildhauer

    co-Investigator, NCEAS

  • matt_jones

    Matthew B. Jones

    Principal Investigator, NCEAS

  • Sheekela Baker-Yeboah

    co-Investigator, NCEI

  • Kathryn Meyer

    Community Engagement & Outreach Coordinator, NCEAS

  • Dominic Mullen

    Projects Data Technician, NCEAS

  • Steven Chong

    Projects Data Technician, NCEAS

Science Advisory Board

The NSF Arctic Data Center is guided by a science advisory board that collectively provides vast expertise in the Arctic, including researchersĀ focused onĀ terrestrial, aquatic, oceanographic, atmospheric, and social science in the Arctic.

  • Jeff Dozier (UCSB, Chair) Earth System Science
  • Colleen Strawhacker (NSIDC) Social sciences
  • Josh Schimel (UCSB) Soil science
  • Karl Rittger (NSIDC) Snow cover
  • Mark Parsons (RPI) Data science
  • Melissa Zweng (NOAA) Phys oceanography
  • Paul Berkman (Tufts) Earth science, policy, and education
  • Regine Hock (Alaska) Glaciology
  • Susan Hubbard (LBL) Hydrology and biogeochemistry
  • Peter Pulsifer (NSIDC) Traditional knowledge, scientific visualization

Past Team Members

  • Krisa Arzayus (NCEI) Co-Investigator