The Thomas Fire in Santa Barbara

The Arctic Data Center, housed at UC Santa Barbara, is being subject to extended municipal power and network outages due to the Thomas Fire. Power issues started last week and are expected to continue into the week of December 10th, 2017. We are operating on backup generator power and backup cooling, which has allowed us to continue all operations without interruption. Our multiple cloud and off-site backups of all data ensure that no data will be lost. Nevertheless, because our main data center is running on backup generator power, there is an increased chance that we will have service outages this week if the situation deteriorates in Santa Barbara. We are monitoring the situation, and will enact contingency plans should the local situation worsen.

In addition, we expect to have reduced staff availability for support operations as staff deal with the evolving impacts of the fire on their families and our local community. We are still operating, and expect to continue to do so, but please be patient should temporary service outages become necessary.

Investigators that have a need to submit data should continue to do, and we will process incoming data as efficiently as possible. Please direct any questions or concerns to Thank you for your understanding.