Unlocking Arctic Secrets: A Look Into Scientific Ocean Drilling

International Ocean Discovery Program drill ship, the JOIDES Resolution, sitting off the coast of Svalbard during Expedition 403. PC: Chris Lyons, JRSO Outreach. Expedition 403 Floating off the west coast of Svalbard, a ship with 24 scientists from countries around the world waits to hear a familiar phrase ring over the intercom. “Core on deck!”… Read more »

New Dataset Reveals Insights into Arctic Plant Biomass with Dr. Logan Berner

  Highlight: “It feels important to be doing research that is not only scientifically important but also societally important. With the mounting impacts of climate change, it becomes increasingly important to go past the science and come up with ways that communities can mitigate the impacts of climate change” – Dr. Logan Berner Born and… Read more »

Arctic Data Center 2024 Community Survey

Dear Arctic Research Community, The Arctic Data Center (ADC) is conducting a brief survey to gather valuable feedback from our research community. Whether you’ve previously submitted data to our repository, participated in our data science trainings, or utilized our tools and services for your personal research, we want to hear from you! Your input will… Read more » Commits $5 Million to Expand Permafrost Discovery Gateway: Paving the Way for Unprecedented Arctic Data Advancements has announced a $5 million grant and Fellowship to Woodwell Climate Research Center for the expansion of the Permafrost Discovery Gateway. This initiative will revolutionize the accessibility of valuable information on changing permafrost conditions across the Arctic, and enable real-time tracking of permafrost thawing by using satellite imagery and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.  The… Read more »

Spring 2022 Data Workshops Announced

Three data management workshops for Arctic researchers have been scheduled for spring 2022. Each workshop is tailored for Arctic research, is free to attend, and will run for five days. The first workshop will be held virtually on February 14th – February 18th 2022 and is titled “Reproducible Practices for Arctic Research using R.” The… Read more »

New service: Portals

An exciting new update to the Arctic Data Center has just been released – researchers can now create a portal allowing related data from across the Arctic Data Center to be viewable in the same place. The ability to group related datasets is helpful for researchers working across a particular taxon or region, so we… Read more »

Arctic Data Center is Core Trust Seal certified

The Arctic Data Center is excited to announce that we are officially Core Trust Seal certified! Our established data preservation practices and infrastructure are now endorsed by an international, community-based non-profit organization. CoreTrustSeal certification involves meeting 16 different requirements, which are intended to ensure the reliability and durability of the repository itself so that the data… Read more »

Call for Abstracts: Third Polar Data Forum (PDF III)

The Third Polar Data Forum (PDF III) will be hosted by the Finnish Meteorological Institute at thair Dynamicum campus in Helsinki from November 18th to 22nd, 2019. PDF III will be a two day conference style meeting in support of information exchange, with the remainder of the week using a “hackathon” approach that will build on… Read more »

2019 Arctic Data Center Data Science Trainings

The Arctic Data Center is hosting a data science training funded by the National Science Foundation from October 7-11, 2019. This 5-day training provides Arctic researchers with an overview of best data management practices, data science tools, reproducible data analysis in R and Github, and concrete steps and methods for more easily documenting and uploading… Read more »

Arctic Data Center at AGU 2018 (December 10-14, 2018)

Arctic Data Center team members will be attending the American Geophysical Union (AGU) 2018 Fall Meeting in Washington, D.C., December 10-14, 2018. Come visit us at Booth 510 in the Exhibit Hall throughout the week and attend our two discussions/trainings in the AGU Central Theater, Booth 1018 in the Exhibit Hall (descriptions below). Team members will… Read more »