Submit, discover, & download Arctic data from many disciplines

The Arctic Data Center is the primary data and software repository for the Arctic section of the National Science Foundation’s Office of Polar Programs. Our mission is to help the research community reproducibly preserve and discover all products of NSF-funded science in the Arctic, including data, metadata, software, documents, and provenance that link these in a coherent knowledge model.

Features of the NSF Arctic Data Center

Fast, online data set submission down to the detail you need

Upload software, scientific analysis code, and data in any format.

View usage statistics of your data and a summary of your contributions

Mint DOIs for your data sets to use in publications and across the web

Once data have been submitted to the Arctic Data Center, our metadata staff will review and provide suggestions for improvement, and, once everything is set, we will make the data publicly accessible and publish it with a DOI. This will allow you and other researchers to cite the data set directly in NSF reports, publications, and other venues. The DOI is registered with DataCite using the EZID service, and will be discoverable through multiple data citation networks, including DataONE and others.

Fast, easy discovery with spatial tools