Undergraduate Education Modules

The Arctic Data Center is rich with data. With over 6200 datasets submitted by researchers, students, and technicians, there is an unprecedented opportunity for students to dive into real-world questions about one of the planet’s fastest-changing ecosystems. Not only do we store and manage these data, but we also work to ensure the data submitted are reproducible and ready for reuse.

With data science being one of the fastest-growing fields in the 21st century, it is essential that the next generation of students are familiar with how to tidy, wrangle, and interpret data. While most universities may have data science courses available for undergraduate students, many are not likely to feature datasets from remote locations like the Arctic. Integrating datasets like those in our catalog is a fantastic opportunity to virtually bring this unique ecosystem to life while learning the principles of data management.

The following lessons are available for download and re-use and are licensed under a CC-BY license.

Full Educational Modules

Partial Educational Modules (Github here)