Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting 2018

While graduate students in ecology learn about methods for collecting ecological data, there is less emphasis on managing and using the resulting data effectively. This is an increasingly important skill set; many funding agencies require data management plans, journals are requiring that data and resulting software be accessible, and society is increasingly expecting that research be reproducible. Ecologists with good data skills will be able to maximize the productivity of their research program, effectively and efficiently share their data and other research products with the scientific community, and potentially benefit from the re-use of their data by others.

The purpose of this workshop is to give attendees a set of practical tools for organizing and sharing their data through all parts of the research cycle. The target audience is early-career scientists but the workshop is open to any researchers who would benefit from developing better data management skills, including faculty who would like to teach best practices for preparing data. Topics will include data structure, quality control, data documentation, the importance of good data management practices for data sharing, collaboration, and data re-use. The workshop will be an interactive combination of presentation, discussion and activities. Participants must bring their own laptop to work on exercises.

The workshop will take place on Sunday, August 5, and more information regarding the workshop speakers and location can be found on the workshop’s ESA 2018 webpage.

The Special Session SS 6: Creating Effective Data Management Plans for Ecological Research, on Monday, August 6, may also be useful to participants.

In addition, NSF Arctic Data Center team members will be presenting during the INS-17 and INS-19 Inspire Sessions on Wednesday, August 8, which may be of interest to participants.

Check out the ESA 2018 webpage for more conference information.