Dataset Highlights

Learn how specific datasets in the Arctic Data Center incorporate best data management practices and gain insights directly from the researchers on how their data can be applied to assist the Arctic research community.

Data Provenance and Arctic Soil Bacteria, with Michael P. Ricketts

Dissolved Organic Carbon in the Arctic, with Dr. Rose Cory

Learning from the Hunters in Savoonga, with Dr. Henry Huntington

Subsistence Harvests in Alaskan Communities along the Bering Sea, with Dr. James Fall

Investigating Rotten Ice, with Dr. Karen Junge

Phenological Mismatch in the Arctic, with Dr. Kathy Kelsey

Exploring the Energy, Clouds, Atmosphere and Precipitation in Summit, Greenland, through ICECAPS, with Dr. Matthew Shupe

Discovering the Connections Between Mountain Glaciers and Arctic Groundwater, with Dr. Anna Liljedahl